Top 5 Best Game Centers in Ilorin 2024

Top 5 Best Game Centers in Ilorin 2024

Ilorin has experienced a significant evolution in its gaming industry. 

Beyond traditional game centers, various establishments now offer unique and exciting gaming experiences. 

Let's take a closer look at the diverse gaming options available in Ilorin, featuring some of the city's top gaming destinations.

Top 5 Best Game Centers in Ilorin 2024

1. Vertex Game Zone

Top 5 Best Game Centers in Ilorin 2024

Situated inside the Edinwo Supermarket, Vertex Game Zone offers an epic gaming experience. 

As a subsidiary of Edinwo Supermarket, this gaming haven provides the latest gaming consoles and an extensive game selection. 

Enthusiasts can engage in multiplayer battles, and virtual reality experiences, and fully immerse themselves in the world of gaming.

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2. Play Sports Club

Top 5 Best Game Centers in Ilorin 2024

Located off Tanke Road/University Rd before the University of Ilorin Gate, Play Sports Club is not just about gaming; it's a modern facility that integrates a football pitch, a fully equipped gym, and video games. 

Members can enjoy the best in sports and fitness, coupled with personalized guidance from professional trainers.

3. Pastime Gamespot and Lounge

Top 5 Best Game Centers in Ilorin 2024

Situated at Shop 13, Palms Mall on Fate Road, Pastime is a unique blend of a video game shop and a bar. 

Open until 11:30 pm, it provides a leisurely atmosphere where people like you can enjoy your free time while engaging in gaming.

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4. Harmony Play Sport

Top 5 Best Game Centers in Ilorin 2024

Harmony Play Sport, located in Alayalori, Oke-Odo, Tanke, is a comprehensive entertainment hub. 

Offering video games, snooker, table tennis, and a variety of delicious treats like fish and chicken barbecue, shawarma, suya, and more, it's a one-stop destination for diverse entertainment.

5. De-Klick Arena

Top 5 Best Game Centers in Ilorin 2024

Situated inside Bekandims Hotel on University Road, Tanke Oke-Odo, De-Klick Arena is not your typical gaming center—it's a premier paintball center. 

With a unique arena and family-friendly spaces, it guarantees a thrilling and safe paintballing experience.

6. C-White Classic Entertainment

Top 5 Best Game Centers in Ilorin 2024

C-White Classic Entertainment, found around Eleko, Kwara Poly Road, and Tanke Ilorin, is a popular game store. 

Here, gamers can have fun, win gifts, and make new friends by playing games on PlayStation 3, 4, 5, or VR (Virtual Reality).

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7. Mega Vibe Gaming Zone

Top 5 Best Game Centers in Ilorin 2024

Situated in Upper Gaa-Akanbi, Ayoade Hospital, Olorunsogo Rd, Mega Vibe Gaming Zone is a PlayStation game center offering a variety of games at affordable prices. 

It's a social hub where gamers of different ages and interests come together to play and make friends.


Can I bring my own gaming equipment to these establishments?

Most establishments provide high-quality equipment, but it's advisable to check with each specific venue regarding personal devices.

Are there age restrictions for accessing these gaming destinations?

Generally, these destinations are open to all age groups. However, some may have specific age restrictions for certain activities or events.

Do these game centers in Ilorin host regular gaming tournaments?

Yes, many of these gaming destinations organize regular tournaments, providing opportunities for competitive gaming and community engagement.

What are the operating hours for these establishments?

Operating hours vary, so it's recommended to check the specific hours for each venue. Most are open from morning until late evening.

Are there any membership requirements for Play Sports Club?

Play Sports Club may have membership options for access to its full range of facilities, including the gym and football pitch. It's advisable to inquire directly with the club for details.


Ilorin's gaming scene goes beyond traditional game centers, offering a diverse range of experiences for enthusiasts. 

Whether you prefer immersive virtual reality, sports, and gaming fusion, or a casual gaming atmosphere with friends, Ilorin has something for everyone. 

Explore these unique gaming destinations and be part of the city's evolving gaming culture.




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