Kwara Senator Championing Change: 5 Bills in 6 Months

Kwara Senator Championing Change: 5 Bills in 6 Months

Senator Saliu Mustapha, representing Kwara Central Senatorial District in the National Assembly, 

has become a driving force for legislative change, unveiling an ambitious agenda aimed at fortifying the nation's financial sector and revolutionizing agriculture through technology. 

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In just six months in office, Mustapha has spearheaded the sponsorship of five bills to bolster food productivity, enhance security, and elevate Nigeria's economic landscape.

The bills he introduced encompass a wide spectrum of critical sectors. Among them is the National Food Reserve Agency (Establishment) Bill, 2023, designed to bolster agricultural development,

ensuring national food security and bolstering income through robust marketing and storage services.

Additionally, Senator Saliu Mustapha proposed the Donkey Slaughter Regulation and Export Certificate Bill, 2023, 

as well as the National Agricultural Land Development Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2023, 

aiming to refine regulations and practices within these domains.

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In a bid to revolutionize the production of edible flour, Senator Saliu Mustapha put forward the Cassava Flour (Mandatory Inclusion into Flour Production) Bill, of 2023, 

intending to create a legal framework mandating the incorporation of cassava flour into edible flour production in Nigeria. 

Lastly, the Electronics Transaction Bill 2023, presented by Senator Saliu Mustapha, seeks to establish a legal and regulatory framework for conducting electronic-based transactions, reflecting his vision for modernizing financial practices.

Alhaji Tunji Buhari, the senator's chief of staff, conveyed Senator Saliu Mustapha's fervent dedication to the agricultural sector, contributing 23 per cent to Nigeria's GDP in the third quarter of 2023. 

Senator Saliu Mustapha, the chair of the Senate Committee on Agricultural Production Services and Rural Development, 

envisions agriculture as the linchpin of the nation's economy, emphasizing the need for technological integration to maximize its potential.

Beyond legislative initiatives, Senator SaliuMustapha's impact resonates across Kwara's central senatorial district.

Over 2000 solar-powered streetlights now illuminate the 52 wards within the district, a strategic move to enhance security and foster social cohesion. 

Notably, solar-powered motorized boreholes were installed in key communities, exemplifying Senator Saliu Mustapha's commitment to addressing local needs.

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Moreover, amid the challenges brought by removing fuel subsidies, Senator Saliu Mustapha demonstrated proactive leadership by rolling out substantial palliatives. 

Over 10,000 bags of rice and 2,800 live chickens were distributed to Christian brethren, less privileged individuals, party loyalists, and communities. 

This gesture aimed to alleviate hardship and ensure a joyous festive season for residents, complementing the efforts of the Kwara State Government.

Reflecting on Senator Saliu Mustapha's initiatives, Buhari emphasized the senator's unwavering dedication to uplifting constituents, 

underscoring the multifaceted support provided to mitigate the impact of subsidy removal and bring cheer to those facing difficulties.

Senator Mustapha's proactive legislative agenda and unwavering commitment to community welfare position him as a beacon of change, 

sparking hope for a more robust and inclusive future in Kwara's central senatorial district.


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